Monday, November 12, 2007

Spoof Challenges 2008

Spoof Challenges 2008

24 Hours Endurance Hacking Competition

Spoof is To fool. In networking, the term is used to describe a variety of ways in which hardware and software can be fooled. IP spoofing, for example, involves trickery that makes a message appear as if it came from an authorized IP address.

This is a challenge to all hackers. Do you have the endurance to penetrate a network setup and capture a final server that can be yours?

Mark you Calendar and bookmark this website

Target date : Mid year 2008
Venue : Melaka Malaysia

Prepare yourself to hack Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

To System Administrator, this is the time you want to see yourself how the hacking been done. Spend your time to visit this event. Improved your skill to defense your network parameters and servers from penetration by learning from Spoof.

About Spoof @ Melaka

Spoof @ Melaka is a yearly event organize by K-Ekonomi Melaka to expose the state agencies In Melaka about security. Start with a modest budget and expand into a national events. This is a venue that want to regroup system administrator and people that involved with security.

The best to learn about security in network and computer is to see for yourself what really happen first hand.