Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LinuxDotMy Overview

LinuxDotMy is one of leading organisation in promoting, training and supporting the open source solution provider and UNIX consultancy in Malaysia and fully committed organisation in Open Source movement, with excellent dedicated team of professionals and creative workforce that pledges to serve our customers need and demand with the best solutions in Information Technology.

Our goal is more than just offering you the solutions; our corporate philosophy is to provide first class quality assurance of the products and customer service, in order for you to enjoy a lasting experience from our enhanced advantages.

We have invested our effort to develop the outstanding and to help you to understand and evaluate the services to meet your operation needs.

Our expertise revolves around, an integrated set of OPEN SOURCE SOLUTION and other services that have been specifically designed with our customer's constantly evolving needs in mind. We believe in having to earn our customer's trust and turn to continually renew their confidence through each new experience.

  • Open Source Solution (Linux and xBSD)
  • Installation, Performance Tuning and Maintenance
  • Database Management, Performance Tuning and maintenance (MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • Server Maintenance
  • Training

LinuxDotMy Mission Statement

LinuxDotMy mission is to provide computer software solutions built upon Linux, Debian GNU/Linux/xBSD, and the rest of Humanity's open source software endowment to economically improve the operations of our clients.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of open source software to any organisation that want it. We assure the necessary support, reliability and performance to make mission-critical deployment possible. With our extreme support you get a seamless integrated package and have access to support you can trust.

Our professional services supports clients and partners with implementation and development of complex Internet or Intranet solutions running on Open Source Technology. We work for medium to large businesses and organisation.

LinuxDotMy Vision Statement

LinuxDotMy recognizes the synergies within and between the complex of local and Internet-based, partially overlapping, always transforming organizations of people, the OSS communities as the most significant evolutionary force in our culture, our economy and our business.

Our broadest aims is to make initiatives in support or synergistic developments of, in, and between human communities by employing a design science philosophy, open source software tools, and Linux.